Explore Top 3 Web Development Trends in 2019

Explore Top 3 Web Development Trends in 2019

The history of the Internet dates back to 1983- and since then, it has revolutionized the world of computers and communication.

In this 21’s century, businesses are using the power of the Internet to design websites, web apps, mobile applications and more to establish their sound online presence. However, the fierce competition in the online merchantry arena has made it difficult for businesses to stand out. This is why it is advisable to keep a keen eye on the buzzing industry trends and get a website that engages and helps in easy conversions. Explore this list of top web development trends that a leading web development company in Dubai abides by. Have a read and see if your website is up to date or needs a revamping-

  • Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are in- they are certainly the most impactful trends of this year. These are websites that are rich with functionalities that are similar to native applications.

  • New Technologies

This year, Angular, React, and Polymer are deemed to rule the roost. They are the most trending technologies that are expected to be used in web development in UAE.

  • Chatbots

This year Artificial Intelligence is speculated to play a crucial role in improving the customer services. AI-powered chatbots that are automated and provide instant client support will be in buzz this year and beyond.

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